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Yoga classes

The practice of Hatha Yoga or “Physical” yoga is a journey of self discovery and improvement through the use of the breath and movement. Our Yoga classes offer a variety of different styles to choose from.

Each discipline of class has their own health benefits and empowers each member as they explore one’s strengths and weaknesses through the use of postures.

The effects of good yoga practice can be profound and can be a great tool for positive transformation and self improvement.

Hot Power Yoga

Hot Power Yoga is a great class for developing strength and flexibility of the body whilst detoxing the body of harmful toxins.

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Hot Yoga Flo

Hot Yoga Flo classes are great for all those who do not like the cold and prefer the benefits of a heated environment. It is a physically satisfying class for all.

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Meditation and relaxation

Meditate and relax

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Women’s only hot yoga

Women only

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YogaTherapy is a powerful tool own and possess. Come, practice and Realize its benefits.

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Title Strength level Flexibility Endurance Suitable for Duration Average calorific consumption (calories)
Hot Power Yoga 500
Hot Yoga Flo 450
Meditation and relaxation n/a
Women's only hot yoga , 450
YogaTherapy 250
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