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Our Indoor Cycling Studio is designed to create and deliver the best ultimate ” Indoor cycling” themed rides. It benefits from the latest climate control  ensuring that you have optimal ” fresh air” circulation whilst cycling on the latest resistance free bikes and enjoying the latest beats from our crystal clear Audio System. In our themed classes, enhance your cycling experience with our Special indoor Lighting system!

We aim the deliver the most effective and exhilerating ride, ever!!

Indoor Cycling is a  low-impact type of exercise, so it’s easier on your joints than running or other high-impact aerobic activities. But it still helps you get into shape. We have a wide selection of classes to suit all fitness levels.

” You can burn more than 650 calories with an hour in indoor cycling whilst toning legs and bottom and upper body.”

Whether it be “Cyling to Beats” or  any of our ” Themed ride ” classes, we have a large selection of classes to choose from ranging from an ” absolute” beginner’ level to the most advanced ” core fitness” level.

We are proud that our studio consists of 10 of the latest Keiser m3 +  bikes. When Keiser’s rear wheel drive POWER Pacer hit the market it changed the way people looked at indoor cycling. Now there was a machine that challenged your guests and also allowed them to take control of resistance all the while protecting its working parts from the damaging sweat zone. Called by many the cardio cycling system of choice the Keiser cycles have spawned a following of trainers and facilities worldwide.

Come and experience it for yourself!!

Feel and experience the ride in our specially designed purpose built “Aum Abs” Spin Studio. We welcome you to ride with some of the most fun and inspirational Instructors In the industry.

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