It's Fitness with a Difference

Our Studio

Our studio is a specially designed group class studio which houses a controllable ambient environment system. This allows our students to have regular fresh airflow whilst participating in the our classes and together with our integrated heating equipment, our studio can reach up to temperatures of 38 degree celcius for those specially designed “Hot” classes.

We also host a “mega frame” steel structure which enables us to teach a variety of “suspension classes” for up to 20 students. To further improve and to aid your practice our studio is fully mirrored and has a “sprung” flooring system.

The aim of our studio is to allow the body to relax in the most comfortable and relaxed manner whilst participating in our range of motivational Yoga and Fitness Classes .

To ensure the most exhilarating training experience yet, your exercise to music classes will be played through our dynamic 1600 watt music system which can deliver your latest music tracks with crystal clear clarity whilst enhancing the deepest beats. Our in house lighting system also allows our studio space to be varied and ambient lighting to help motivate and deepen the “workout” experience of your exercise class.

Our Studio aims to create an effective and optimum environment to train and a great place to realize your potential. It also provides a fantastic environment for losing weight and toning up with our large range of classes.