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Our Studio

Our studio in West Granby is specially designed for hot yoga and a wide selection of functional group fitness classes.There is a ambient heat and humidity system which allows us to ensure the right temperature and humidity levels for all our hot yoga and fitness classes. During a Hot Yoga Class this system also allows the room to be heated up to 38 degree celcius whilst a regular fresh airflow is maintained using our latest “Heat Exchange” unit.

The studio also boasts a “mega frame” structure which allows us to create a suspended environment to teach a variety of functional fitness classes. It is also a fully mirrored space and benefits from a partial “sprung” floor to help reduce any impact strains.


All our classes will be delivered through our dynamic 1600 watt music system which can deliver your latest music tracks with crystal clear clarity.Our ambient lighting system also enables our studio space to be varied in lighting to create different moods and to further help and motivate you through your workout whilst deepening the experience of your exercise class.

We believe our studio provides an optimum environment for you to train in,so register today and start your journey with West Granby fastest growing fitness community.

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