It's Fitness with a Difference


The practice of Yoga as a Therapy or “Yogatherapy” as it is commonly known in the west is the practice and the use of the traditional methods and techniques as taught in the teachings of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Sutras of Pantanjali. The art of Yoga extends beyond the exotic and athletic postures that we often see but it is indeed a impressive and compelling tool to the one who practices it and owns it. Yoga as a Therapy is a fun and gentle way of improving fitness and health whilst re-balancing the deeper energetic pathways of the body in which ” restrictive” tension is held. This type of tension can affect us on both physical and emotional level which in turn affects our performance in our daily lifes.

This Yogatherapy class is ideal for those new to the concept Yoga and would like to feel the health benefits of a Yoga practice.This mixed ability yoga class is also great for those who have a new practice and is even suitable for practitioners with an advanced practice and require a ‘softer’ and ‘slower’ practice.

As a mixed abilities yoga class,this class is suitable for all levels,as progressive and intermediate variations are also offered.  

Each class is taught in a gentle‘flowing style” manner often referred to as a “Vinyasa Flow” in Traditional Yoga practices. Greater attention can be paid to developing ‘physical’and‘energetic’ awareness during a vinyasa practice.A typical Yogatherapy class will consist of breathing exercises together with a gentle mobilization routine which is then followed by a warm up sequence and a main sequence.A moment of relaxation and reflection is allocated at the end of each class.