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STc “Suspension Training” Circuit

STc or ‘Suspension Training circuit’ is a categorical term and at AumAbsFitnessStudios we offer an innovative and effective workout system which uses this system of ropes, handles and webbing in our specially designed “multi-purpose mega frame system” at our West Granby studio, in Quebec. 

A ‘suspended’ environment allows the user to work against their own body weight in the most natural manner possible,and additional resistance can be applied by a simple adjustment of the body positioning.Suspension training circuit classes here at the studio may vary from a ‘STc Yoga’ class to a ‘STc for Strength and Stamina’ class.  

These specially designed “Suspension Training” classes follow specially created sequences which are specific for the class type.Each class is 55 minutes long and is taught to the latest motivational beats.

STc “Suspension Training” classes are fun and dynamic and a great to to get fit and build lean and strong muscles whilst developing functional core strength. This type of training is great for those who looking for a variation to their workout routine or a workout routine that does not include the use of weights or machines. If that is so, then this may be the class for you!

The Stc ” Suspension Training” class are aimed to promote the most natural and ‘Free Flowing’ body movements, and by training in a ‘suspended’ training environment the body has to constantly re-adapt and adjust, hence providing a full organic total body workout from your core outwards.This style of workout is great for improving core and functional strength and is popular with military and martial art fitness.