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Punch and Kick Fitness Circuit

This is the ultimate “X” fitness circuit training class which involves various aspects of fitness training but with a “punch”.

You will definitely find this fitness class is a great confidence builder as you punch away your unwanted calories and kick your way back into shape.

The movements of punching and kicking requires twisting and engagement of the core muscles so not only will you learn and practice the skills of striking, you will also definitely improve your fitness by benefiting from this type interval training which also burn off those excess unwanted calories.

This 55 minute interval training fitness class will incorporate all aspects of punching and kicking as single techniques or in set combinations on various types of striking equipment. This style of training is a form of fitness training that alternates high-intensity work efforts with low to moderate intensity ‘recovery’ efforts Implementing sequenced body weight exercise routines to help and strengthen the body during intervals, participating in this group fitness class is fantastic way to help to create that more defined and muscular look.