It's Fitness with a Difference

Play ,Stretch n Strengthen

This is a delightful 55 minute open hearted core fitness class of embracing play,stretching and strengthening concepts,hosted by Ruta Karanauskaite.


This is a light hearted core fitness class suitable for all levels.This wonderful class combines gentle “cardiovascular” routines together with the profound benefits of deep yoga stretching and modern callanetics routines to help with abdominal toning and back strengthening.

In order to make this class as fun and as open hearted as possible,Ruta has incorporated an “active play” concept in her lessons.This playful concept helps to encourage and to enhance the sometimes hidden and “joyful” spirit that resides within. Sometimes we may lose this spirit in our hectic daily life’s as we become burdened from unnecessary thoughts and worries.In this fun and dynamic fitness class, you will be able to have the opportunity to explore deeper with within yourself through laughter and play and also share the fun and beneficial benefits of partner yoga.