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Circuit Training

A Circuit training class is a great and fun way of developing strength, fitness and endurance.

In this style of circuit training class, specially selected exercises are performed at various set exercise stations for a set period of time. There are regular changes throughout the 45 minute class to ensure maximum stimulation of the muscular and cardiovascular system. This class is taught to latest funky motivational beats to inspire the the most “Challenged” participant. This circuit training class challenges and ensures that the body is constantly adapting, working and benefiting from the differential environmental workloads.The other benefits which can be achieved from this type of circuit training class, are greatly improved functional fitness and muscular development.Similar to attending a regular gym session, these classes have the added benefits of training in a group environment which can seen as more fun and motivational.

A typical 45 minute circuit training class is dynamic and fun, and consists of a selection of specially selected exercise stations that are created to target specific body parts and to enhance cardiovascular fitness. Various types of equipment like Power Plates, Fit Lights, Medicine Balls, Suspension Units and much more are used to create stimulating and challenging exercise stations.Circuit Training classes can be described as a form of body conditioning class, which uses natural body weight resistance training exercises, coupled with interval training methods. When all the exercise stations are completed as prescribed by the instructor, another circuit is repeated. In order to keep the heart rate elevated,there is limited rest time between exercises and each exercise is performed to the best of your ability.