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Boxing Circuit

This fitness boxing circuit class is great for those who enjoy ‘Interval Training’ as a group, and are looking for an alternative to a traditional circuit class.

Each 45 minute boxing circuit class is consists of fixed time periods called ‘rounds’, which allows students to work at their optimal performance for a set period of time varying from a 2-3 minute round, and then to recover over a short 1 minute rest period.This method has been proven to be extremely effective in burning calories,and is great for developing fitness and promoting weight loss. High Intensity Interval Training is known to be beneficial for its anaerobic workout properties, where your metabolic calorie burn continues after your workout has been completed.

As the title suggests, there is a ‘Boxing’ theme to this circuit style class, hence each ‘exercise’ station is designed to enhance upper body strength, core strength and cardiovascular fitness.This is not a ‘full contact class’, however there is some element of contact during ‘Pad Work’ drills.

This is a great and fun fitness exercise class which offers a variety of movements, covering all the aspects of activity on both an aerobic and anaerobic level. This class allows you to develop functional fitness skills which include hand-eye coordination, balance, timing and technique.

A boxing circuit class works on all major muscle groups and enhances the natural movement range of the body and is suitable for both sexes, all ages and levels of ability.