It's Fitness with a Difference

BodySculpt Yoga

Redefine Yourself. Tone up,Lose Weight and Increase Core and Muscle Strength.

BodySculpt Yoga is a 45 minute class functional fitness class which consists of a mindful selection of “Hatha Yoga” which has strength,focus and flexibility in mind.

In this 45 minutes,the “Body-Sculpt” practitioner will undergo a set sequence of Hatha Yoga poses which are sequenced in the most optimum way to develop strength,flexibility for the body and functional fitness for the core. The transition from each pose is taught with a ” directional” breath technique to allow for fluidity in movement of the mind and body. This core fitness sequence when completed should then be repeated to a maximum of 5 times during this 45 minute class.

These set sequences can then be repeated depending on each individual practice.