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Am Yoga:  ” The Early catches the worm”  Morning yoga meditation and “pranyama”breathing exercises has proved to be effective for enhancing concentration, focus and clarity for the day. This is a must for all those who are available at this time. Come and join us in this powerful practice!

Bikini Yoga:  Unlike the title,you dont have to wear a Bikini, but this is definately a “hot” class, so we advice you to wear appropriate clothing, as we plan to take you through a heated practice in our specially heated “Hot Studio”. The Sequences are creative and fun. They will definately “awaken” your core!!

Boxercise: This is a “Non Contact” interval training fitness class. There will be Fun, and Creative pad work and challenging core workout sequences in this 60 minute session.

TRX Suspension Training at AumAbsFitnessStudios in Quebec

Boxercise for Children: This is a “Non Contact” Class. This class  aims to teach discipline, confidence, self understanding and respect. A definate fitness for children with a differance! (min 8 years- max 16y/o)

Core Strength “Vikasa” Yoga: This is definately a class for those who aim for transformation, growth and excellence. This class incorporates the use of Yoga postures and dynamic strength building routines.

Lunch Time Circuit:  This is an effective “High Intensity Interval Training Class” made popular with the popular Hitt methodology.

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At AumAbsFitnessStudios in Quebec

Spinlates: A fun and creative 60 minutes of core engaging cycling sequences taking you through your a personal journey of endurance and focus.

Spin to the Beat:  Cycling to the pace of the beat!!.. great class for those who like great tunes and cycling with passion and rhythm.

TRx and Circuit: This is a great “alternative” core fitness class which uses special TRx systems to create a dynamic “unstable” but secure environment for you to perform both functional and strength building exercises.

Disco Spin: Just like the “name”, the class is the “same”. Party and cycle in a “disco” like environment with our in-house  party system .The only lights that will be on will be our disco lights. Spin to the latest beats and old school anthmns. This is a fun,upbeat and engaging class. ( Not suitable for those who are affected by flashing lights)

Hot Yoga in Quebec

Yogatherapy:  This is a great class for those who want to explore the profound holistic benefits of Hatha Yoga. Taught in a vinyasa format, attention is brought through practice by  developing ” breath” awareness through movement and meditation. This is probably ” the best Yogatherapy” class in town! Heal and rediscover yourself, with this fun and informative class!

Yoga For Flexibility: If you feel you need to increase you flexiblity then this class is for you! The class will take you through a journey of gentle mobilization and warmup, followed by static and dynamic postures which will stretch and disperse any tightness in the body. Regular practice will definately increase you flexibilty.

Indoor Spinning at AumAbsFitnessStudios in Quebec

Yoga for children: This is a great class which teaches children that ,”gentleness is strength”. The class aims to develop mindfulness to oneself and each other whilst understanding movement through practice.

Zumba: Latino Beats and Latino Heat. Come and feel the fire and dance your way to fitness.

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