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Look Good, Feel Great

Look Good, Feel Great

A big Thanks to everyone who has donated time and effort to the creation of our “LifeStyle” services.As a Holistic Lifestyle Center apart from exercise solutions for better health and well being,we are also offering grooming services for both ladies and gents! “Looking Good is part of Feeling Great!”

CA$5 Summer Deal

Summer is here!!..Lets get active!! Aum Abs Fitness Studios would like to celebrate summer with you by offering every class for just CA$5. Continue reading

Summer Promotions

Introduce a Friend and share the fun

Introduce a Friend and share the fun

Are You planning to lose weight for your summer holidays? As part of our summer promotions we are encouraging you to bring a friend and share the fun with our variety of boutique style fitness classes to suit all abilities and ages.

“Aum Abs Aerial Fitness ” Coming Soon

WATCH THIS Space!!! Aerial yoga is a form of bodywork routine which uses a versatile low hanging wide material as a prop. This prop is hung like a hammock to aid traditional yoga postures by supporting the body weight as well as a prop for functional fitness routines. Postures and deep stretches can be maintained in a more relaxed way by using this prop. It can also help to decompress the spine and the user can gain the therapeutic effects of inversions. Inversions from this technique removes compression from the spine and provides greater comfort and vastly increased freedom of movement.

Eeekk!!..January 2015 is almost finished.

Welcome to the year 2015.

Have you kept your resolutions for this year or haven’t you made any?

Resolutions are not only supposed to be made at the being of each year but as each New Year brings us hope for better beginnings, recognize this chance to redeem any faults and use the sign of the New Year as a reason for a better change!

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